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Area Luxembourg

Luxembourg has an area of 2,586 km ².

Best time to travel to Luxembourg

The best time for Luxembourg are the months of May/ September. The summer temperatures in Luxembourgare between 20 ° C and 24 ° C, and the winters are mild with occasional snow. The amount of rainfall is about the same as in the Netherlands.i

Border formalities Luxembourg

For traveling to Luxembourg, you must have a passport or identity card, valid until after stay. A visa is not required.

Campsites Luxembourg

Luxembourg campsites do not differ much from the camp as known in most other countries in Europe. The quality of the Luxembourg campsites is generally good.

Capital of Luxembourg

The capital of Luxembourg is Luxembourg. Since 1994, the Old Town and the fortifications of the capital Luxembourg are on the UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Luxembourg with children guarantees lots of fun in nature. The various castles are also very popular among children. In Luxembourg there is entertainment for children of all ages.

Culinary Luxembourg

The Luxembourg cuisine is exuberant and has French and German influences. There are quite a few restaurants awarded a Michelin star. Specialties include pork, as the dishes Judd mat Gaardebounen (pork with broad beans) and Fierkelsjhelli, fish from the river and game dishes, such as Huesenziwwi (jugged hare). Luxembourg is a real wine country.

Economy of Luxembourg

Luxembourg has a stable economy, which is partly due to membership in various international organizations, such as the EU and the Benelux countries. Employees generally have a high income and there is a low inflation and low unemployment rate. Not so long ago, steel was the main product of the Luxembourg industry. In recent years, many new products have come on the rise, such as chemicals and rubber. Nowadays, the banking system is the most important player in the economy of Luxembourg. Banking secrecy in Luxembourg means that Luxembourg banks do not share information with third parties, such as the Dutch tax authorities.

Education in Luxembourg

At the age of six education starts with French lessons, followed by German. In high schools in Luxembourg English is taught, with a choice of Latin, Spanish or Italian.

Electricity in Luxembourg

In Luxembourg there is 220 volt. The outlets in Luxembourg meet CEE standards and connectors from the Netherlands can still be used. An adapter may be required,

Fauna Luxembourg

In the Ösling (northern Luxembourg) there are red deer, wild boar and birds of prey. In the Moselle valley there is the wall lizard. Furthermore, Luxembourg is known for its rich fish like trout, pike, eels and carp.

Flora Luxembourg

The most common tree species in the Ösling (northern Luxembourg) are beech, oak, spruce and maple. On the treeless plains we find many heath. On the Mosel is much wine culture. In the southeast of Luxembourg there is Mediterranean vegetation,

General travelinformation Luxembourg

Luxembourg, officially the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (Groussherzogtum Lëtzebuerg, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg), after Malta, the smallest country in the European Union. Luxembourg is sandwiched between Belgium, Germany and France. The prosperity after World War II, banking secrecy and the establishment of large European institutions (European Centre Kirchberg from the capital) brought Luxembourg much prosperity.

Geography of Luxembourg

A large part of Luxembourg is scenically a sequel to the Belgian Ardennes (highest point 559 meters, the Kneiff). The north of Luxembourg is called Ösling and is part of the Ardennes. The southern part of the country is hilly. It is less rugged and more suitable for agriculture and it is more industrial than the north. It is also known as the Gutland. The Luxembourg Plateau in south-central Luxembourg, is a large, flat sandstone formation, where the capital of the country is located. Little Switzerland with the Mullerthal is a rocky terrain with dense forests. The Red Countries in the south and southwest of the country are the industrial heart of Luxembourg and therefore offers the most major cities. The German border is formed mainly by the Our, Sure and Moselle. Other rivers are the Alzette in the south of the country, Clerve in the north, the Attert and Wiltz. The valleys of the Sure and Attert forms the boundary between the Gutland and Ösling.

Government of Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a parliamentary monarchy (Grand Duchy). Luxembourg is a member of the EU since 1952.

Healthcare in Luxembourg

The healthcare system in Luxembourg is excellent. Vaccinations are not required for a visit to Luxembourg. There is always a pharmacy night shift or weekend service running. In nature walks, it is wise to check for tick bites. These insects can be the carrier of the Lyme disease is.

Inhabitants of Luxembourg

Luxembourg has 514 862 (2013) inhabitants.

Internet in Luxembourg

Broadband internet access is available in Luxembourg. A large number of hotels, campsites, restaurants and bars offer wireless Internet. On the airport Wi-Fi is available.

Languages in Luxembourg

Luxembourgish is the official language in Luxembourg. French and German are administrative languages​​. Luxembourgish is related to the German language.

Money Luxembourg

The currency of Luxembourg is the Euro. Luxembourg is known for its cheap gasoline and cigarettes. The prices are relatively low. You can pay with credit card at many places. In Luxembourg, there are plenty of ATMs. Banks are generally open from 08.30 to 12.15 and from 13.30 to 16.00. On Saturday and Sunday, the banks usually close.

Pets in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a dog friendly country. There are many guest houses, holiday homes and hotels where you can stay with your dog. Also on most campsites, your dog is welcome, provided he remains on a leash. Dogs in restaurants are often not permitted. For travel to Luxembourg your dog should be provided with a rabies vaccination certificate for at least one month and at the most one year old.

Religions in Luxembourg

The majority of the people of Luxembourg are Catholic. The Luxembourg Constitution provides for freedom of religion. Other religions in Luxembourg: Judaism, Islam and Protestantism.

Safety in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a safe country. The national emergency number is 112.

Smoking in Luxembourg

Smoking is not permitted in Luxembourg in public areas such as bars, restaurants, clubs, and public transport.

Telephony in Luxembourg

The country code of Luxembourg is +352.

Tipping in Luxembourg

Tipping is not customary in Luxembourg, however, if you are very satisfied you can of course still give a tip.

Traditions in Luxembourg

The most important religious festival in Luxembourg is the Muttergottesoktav. Mary, patron saint of Luxembourg, is worshiped then. National Feierdaag is the national holiday of Luxembourg and takes place on June 23.

Traffic in Luxembourg

In Luxembourg ther are no toll roads. Plate Country Code: L.

Weather/ Climate in Luxembourg

Luxembourg has a temperate climate, but because Luxembourg is sheltered by the Ardennes, the climate also attract a weak continental climate. In the center and south of Luxembourg it is slightly warmer than in the north. In the north, most rain falls in the south. The months of May and June are the sunniest, while July and August are the warmest. In August and December, the most rain is falling. Snow falls mainly in the upper northern part of the country.


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